Talking about money before marriage

Why I wrote my book:  Frankly, I wish I had a book like this before I got married the first time  to really guide me about money in a relationship.  Here I was a finance major from Kent State University, worked in the brokerage industry, and thought I was pretty financially savvy.    But yet, I married a man who was not financially responsible.  How could this possibly happen?  It is easy– money issues can affect anyone, regardless of their income level, educational background, job title, or experience.   I was one of the many people out there who assumed money attitudes and issues would effortlessly fall into place.  However, this does not necessarily happen.  I’ve been there, seen it done it.   I want to offer real life advice on how to get started off on the right foot as a couple as well as identify signs that could derail your financial security.

I know financial stuff can be very boring, dry, too technical, impractical, written for uber rich, or telling you what you should be doing as if we are all the same one size fits all.  I created a book that even I wanted to read and am pleased to share my real, true life adventures in couples finance!  I remarried 4 years ago, and I have walked the walk and talked the talk.  I eat my own cooking!


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