“I wish I had this book before we got married. We made some big mistakes five years ago and are still paying for them today.”

~Alex and Brent deGroot- married 20 years

“It’s so important to solve issues before marriage. Life is too short to be unhappy due to money problems that never go away.”

– Joe and Pat Faver, married 55 years

“CFP Maureen Richardson shares the reality of finances for couples, based on some of her own hard-earned wisdom. This book makes a great gift for the newly engaged, married couples struggling with debt or people about to remarry, as love can’t conquer all if you run out of money.”

-Jim Rohrbach, Amazon review

“Excellent advice! A well conceived and a well executed effort on Ms. Richardson’s part. New couples and old can benefit from this lady’s observations.”

-Blair Dryden, Amazon review

“Inspiring read! This book provides all that is needed to secure the handling of finances in a marriage or in a committed relationship. I plan to give it as Christmas gift for each of my grandchildren (young adults in their 20’s) as a valuable tool to have available for enhancing their lifestyle in a future partnership.”

-Diane R. Pencin, Amazon review

“Awesome Resource!! Feel much more prepared! Fantastic read and resource, especially as a newlywed! Will make a great gift to all of my friends entering this new stage in life. Addresses many issues and concerns, some which I wouldn’t have even considered, that will make the consolidation of our finances simple. Also included some great charts providing an outline to bridge financial assets and liabilities helping to make the discussions even easier. Highly recommend!!”

-Amazon review

“Everyone who dreams about having a happy marriage/relationship should read “Til Money Do Us Part… Financial Planning for Couples” by Maureen Richardson.

Whether dating, engaged or married, educating yourself from someone that’s been there, done that and knows Happiness is suppressed when

Money Values can’t be discussed. Sit back, read with suspended disbelief and absorb all Maureen shows you in this gem of a book. If you really want more Happiness

In Your Relationship, read this book today. Your Relationship Deserves a Secret Boost, agreed?”

-Peter Mazzuchin

“The best part about “Til Money Do We Part” is that it is written for the average person. You do not need a financial degree to understand it. I am the type of person who tunes out as soon as someone starts talking finance however I found the book easy to read and non-intimidating. I’m feeling encouraged to start taking a more active role in money decisions in my marriage.”

-Amazon Review