Financial Attitude and Divorce Statistics

When I look back at my first marriage, even before I got married there were signs that my intended spouse had financial issues.  Financial issues may be tangible– poor credit, late bills, liens, and other obvious signs.  But some financial issues are intangible- like a poor attitude towards finances.   Most times a poor financial attitude will translate into tangible issues.  These get worse over time.  When you are dating, it’s easy to gloss over finances.  But if you are going to get married- do you really know about your partner’s finances?    Our world today is very different from our parents’ or grandparent’s world.  In order to be financially secure in the future, we need to take action today to build that security over time.  But what if your spouse doesn’t care?  This happens more than you think.    If you and your spouse do not share the same financial goals (secure retirement, being able to buy a house, insure yourselves against loss, have an estate plan in place, send the kids to college, being able to afford kids) your life will be a struggle.   Here is a link to divorce statistics:

Money is the leading cause of divorce.  Are you really prepared to get married if you haven’t addressed money?






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