Blinded by Love When It Comes To Money?

We all want to be accepted, to be loved, be paid attention to, be validated, feel important.   Sometimes there is a divorce, a break up, or just plain loneliness that makes one wonder if they will go through life alone forever. We may feel alone, isolated, depressed thinking love has passed us by.

All of a sudden Mr/Ms Right comes along. There is a feeling of having effortless, joy, happiness, acceptance. Someone gets you!   The relationship high continues and love grows stronger.

As you learn more about each other, there may be inklings of issues, and these issues usually involve money. It seems there is always a story and an excuse.

Strong, nice people are magnets. Strong people become strong because they’ve overcome obstacles, rather than be derailed by them. An obstacle is just another challenge that will be overcome.   A partner’s challenges and obstacles can become yours. You are nice and a helper. “That’s terrible, I can help you!”   You are too nice to be suspicious, nor do you feel it appropriate to question. Questions and putting two and two together could burst the love bubble.

You think that these were just isolated circumstances, bad luck or bad people in your partner’s life.  You don’t want to think that Prince or Princess Charming may have problems. We have all had some issues, but how we rebound from them speaks volumes about our character. Is your partner making an effort in their life to overcome and rise above these circumstances productively? Or are they glomming on to you to help them month after month?

For the most part, we are not taught money skills. We don’t know the ramifications of certain money issues or money behavior. How could money be more important than love, and won’t it work out once we are married?   I write about this throughout my book “Til Money Do Us Part.” I write from my own personal and professional experience to help men and women understand the financial implications of their partner’s financial decisions.   If you are experiencing doubts or don’t know what a financial situation could really mean, please feel free to contact me or pick up a copy of my book via Amazon. I hope this can help you avoid situations that can cost you mentally and financially.

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