About The Book

Til Money Do Us Part BookMoney is Like Rain on the Parade

You’re in love. You have the wedding and the celebrations. You are the center of attention. You’re special. Thoughts of the ideal day, or what it should be, are overwhelming.

However, what does reality look like when all of the parties, the wedding, and the reception are over? If there are money issues now, they will not disappear or suddenly become corrected because you get married; in fact, they will only get worse.

If you don’t talk about it now, when will you?

In this book, Maureen Richardson explains and helps you complete simple activities to facilitate a productive and healthy discussion of money. Money is difficult to talk about, which is the reason why money is the leading cause of marital problems and divorce. People seem to think that by ignoring money, it will somehow work itself out.

It doesn’t.

You Don’t Need to Be a Financial Genius

Even if you know how to prepare a financial spreadsheet for a business deal, you may have no clue how to answer these questions:

• How much do I need to save to send my kids to college?
• How much should I withhold for my income taxes?
• How much savings do I need to comfortably retire someday?
• How do I share my family finances?

The Warning Signs

This book will also discuss the warning signs of financial irresponsibility, which you need to address before you get married. By reading this book, you will learn how to recognize issues and then productively discuss them.

This book is simple, relevant, and to the point.

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